Adhesive tape is a familiar product to all of us thanks to its wide range of applications in both individual uses and industrial uses. Adhesive tape consists of different types for specific applications. BOPP clear tape is considered the most widely used tape type, which is commonly used for attaching items or other applications based on particular use purposes. Have you ever questioned the features of this familiar tape type? Let’s follow the article below to find the answer. 


The outstanding advantages of BOPP clear tape

The composition of BOPP clear tape:

 We all use BOPP at least one time; however, not all of us are concerned about its compositions. In this article, we will introduce to you the composition of this tape type. BOPP clear tape is made of special adhesive and BOPP backing film coated with a non-stick layer. BOPP clear tape with the term BOPP means  Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. This is also its chemical chain composition. After being heated, nano-separated, they are laminated into a film, which will be coated with adhesive before being split into small rolls.


What is BOPP clear tape?

The main applications of BOPP clear tape

We commonly use adhesive tape for bonding, attaching items together. However, nowadays, BOPP offers more applications for various purposes. Due to the increase in the number of online orders, adhesive tape has become the main solution for goods packaging. 

Besides, BOPP clear tape is also applied in industries from production sectors to packaging processes in all manufacturing, e-commerce, and transportation companies. Thanks to its high durability and adhesion, it helps the goods’ packaging become easier and convenient. 


The applications of BOPP clear tape in life

In addition to the application in carton sealing or item attaching, BOPP clear tape also plays an important role in product preservation thanks to its outstanding features such as water and dust resistance. It is an adhesive tape with various applications, which will help you save a large amount of cost and time. 

The outstanding features of BOPP clear tape

The popular features

Due to the transparent structure, the BOPP clear tape is useful for packaging, note-taking, and avoids covering product names on boxes. It is also available in different dimensions based on customer’s demands. such as 48mm x 100 yards, 48mm x 1000 yards,60mm x 80 yards, 60mm X 100 yards. The size of 48mm x 100 yards is the most popular one.

The outstanding features that not everyone knows about 

In addition to the features of heat resistance and durability, excellent adhesion is also one of the outstanding features of this tape type. Thanks to its excellent adhesion and long usage time, BOPP helps consumers save a large amount of cost. Due to its affordable price, it is widely used by businesses rather than other tape types with sophisticated structures. 

Besides, the high level of aesthetic is also an outstanding feature of BOPP clear tape. It is appreciated for its luster and transparency despite having  two layers of adhesives. You are in need of tape and are wondering because there are so many types, so why not try using a product that has the outstanding advantages of clear tape.

BOPP clear tape at the competitive prices

Where to buy high-quality BOPP clear tape at the most competitive prices? 

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