Nowadays, the demand for adhesive tape is increasing dramatically nationwide; therefore, it is not hard to find adhesive tape rolls on the market. Based on consumer demands, there is a wide range of adhesive tape on today’s market. Carton sealing tape is considered the most widely used adhesive tape for manufacturing and transportation thanks to its convenience, nontoxic, ease of use, and especially its cheap price. If you are wondering about the types of carton sealing tape, then this article is written for you. BOPP brown tape is one of the most popular tape types of carton sealing tape lines. Let’s follow the article below to figure out  factors to consider while buying BOPP brown tape. 



What is BOPP brown tape? Its features and function.

BOPP brown tape is made of BOPP  (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) backing film and Acrylic adhesive, which specialized in the process of transportation, production, packaging of finished products into cartons and labeling on them. As BOPP backing film is in brown color, this is the first factor to note when buying BOPP brown tape. Moreover, in our daily life, BOPP tape is a useful solution for bonding papers, books, packaging items, making gifts, as well as creating other interesting products using adhesive tape.


BOPP brown tape and the things you need to know

Features and functions

BOPP brown tape at Wonderland is manufactured or split from large Jumbo rolls. The color of the tape is a mixture of dark yellow and lemon yellow. Since it is made from imported BOPP backing film and water-based adhesive (Acrylic), it is appreciated as a safe and environmentally friendly product. As a result, BOPP brown tape is used for packaging medium and heavy-duty boxes. The thickness, length, width, quality of tape are diversified for customers to choose based on their specific purposes. The features clearly describe the properties and functions of BOPP brown tapes. There are necessary factors to consider while buying BOPP brown tape. 

Factors to consider while buying BOPP brown tape 

Currently, the science and technology of tape production have been developed to a new macro level; therefore, it is challenging to identify low-quality adhesive tape. When we buy the tape and have used it for a while, we know it is fake. It is necessary to equip knowledge to distinguish what is fake BOPP brown tape and what is the real one.  

BOPP brown tape is now manufactured to supply a wide range of industries; therefore, its application is also diversified. The elemental application of adhesive tape is to bonding items; however, some producers are supplying low-quality adhesive tape because of the individual’s benefit. For instance, an extremely sophisticated “fake” technology of famous consumer goods, impersonating logos, brands, and addresses printed on adhesive tape to deceive consumers’ beliefs. Please pay close attention to these factors to consider while buying BOPP brown tape. 


Buying high-quality BOPP brown tape at Wonderland

There are several factors to consider while buying BOPP brown tape, you should know that fake, imitative, or poor quality tape normally has a cheaper price than official ones. Understanding consumer’s concerns while purchasing products such as the concern about the product’s price, there are a large number of fake products at cheap prices on the current market. It is difficult for consumers to realize this as the production site has decreased materials such as reducing the length of rolls, acrylic layer, and making OPP film thin. This causes the tape roll to be damaged and torn quickly or have poor electrical insulation, etc. Besides, it affects the products, containers, and shipping cartons that do not circulate well. Some merchants imitate the brand logo to reduce the reputation of the company  producing BOPP brown tape. In general, when buying fake adhesive tape, we help untrustworthy entrepreneurs dominate the market. There are several factors to consider while buying BOPP brown tape:

  • The manufacturer’s name and logo are not clear.
  • The thickness of BOPP clear tape is unusually thin.
  • When stretched, the tape breaks instantly.
  • The price of the product is much cheaper than the original one.

In order to avoid purchasing fake and low-quality products, customers should buy adhesive tape at large prestigious agencies or buy directly at manufacturers specializing in producing BOPP tapes for many years. To be sure, it is better to go to the factory to take a look at their way of manufacturing BOPP brown tape. 

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BOPP brown tape at the competitive prices


Taking pride in being the leading adhesive tape supplier in Vietnam, Wonderland always offers customers BOPP brown tape, BOPP brown tape  at the most reasonable prices to meet all of the customer’s demands. All of Wonderland’s products are manufactured by an advanced technology system; therefore, we commit customers to our product’s quality and adhesion. 

With the desire to establish a long-term cooperation relationship, Wonderland always tries our best to offer customers the most competitive prices compared to other suppliers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the best wholesale prices of BOPP brown tape as well as knowing more factors to consider while buying BOPP brown tape.

By coming to Wonderland, we will surely meet all of the customer’s demands in the best ways. We commit to providing customers high-quality adhesive tape products at the best wholesale prices. 

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