For industries, people will use different types of adhesive tape depending on certain applications or requirements. In the refrigeration industry, it is necessary to mention aluminum tape which is a specialized adhesive tape. So when referring to paper tape, which field will people immediately think of? How many types of paper tape, and what are their applications in life? Let’s take a look at the article below!



Common types of paper tape

Paper tape is divided into three types: writable masking tape, non-writable masking tape, and Kraft paper tape. Businesses create many types of paper tape to meet the customer’s needs.

Writable masking tape has the same properties as non-writable masking tape. It has resistance to water, dirt, external impacts, and enough adhesion, so it does not damage the surface of the product or leave excess glue when peeled off. In addition, they can withstand temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius, especially, they can not be dissolved by solvents in paints. In terms of structure, there is a difference in that the non- writable masking tape has a rougher surface, while the surface of writable masking tape is smooth. Both types are similar in terms of layer structure such as the backing film is an industrial paper coated adhesive, torn by hand.


What is paper tape?

Kraft paper tape has a different structure from the above two types. The base layer is brown crepe paper coated with an outer layer of soluble rubber to make the base layer thicker and steadier. In addition, the adhesive is thinly coated on the substrate surface, with moderate adhesion. In terms of properties, Kraft paper tape is more outstanding by the heat resistance up to 180 degrees Celsius, therefore, it is suitable for jobs exposed to high heat. They also have features such as resistance to water and dirt. Furthermore, it is not dissolved by other chemicals like the two types of tape above.

Category of paper tape

Applications of paper tape

Writeable masking tape and non-writable masking tape are used for masking surfaces when painting houses, manicures due to their water resistance feature. Moreover writable masking tape is used for making notes.

Kraft paper tape is applied to bond the bottom of large carpets in the foyer, adhere goods for long-distance transportation, protect surfaces from scratches, water-resistant, and make paint masks for fine arts industries.

Paper tape and the things you need to know


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