Custom printed tape is a priority product that enterprises use for their brand positioning and a product extension of customers. Custom printed tape at Wonderland as required provides the most quality tape. What is the difference between the adhesive tape at Wonderland compared with others? Please follow the article below.



What is custom printed tape?

The custom printed tape has diverse colors and designs according to customer needs. This adhesive tape is also used by large businesses or organizations to promote their brand or introduce their products to customers. This adhesive tape applies the same material as the BOPP carton-sealing tape.


High-quality customized printed tape in competitive prices

We have 1 Ya = 0.9m, width 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.8cm ,2cm, 3cm,4 cm,etc. and the length 50yards, 60yards,100yards, 200 yards depending on customer needs of using your tape, we are ready to meet your needs.

Some notes for purchasing custom printed tape as required

Length and width of the adhesive tape

The custom printed tape or other adhesive tapes often convert to yards which are 1 yard = 0.9m. If we are not careful about the length of yards, it can cause damage to us. Many retailers will cheat you on this unit to make a profit for themselves.

Tape thickness

The thickness of both backing film and the adhesive is the vital factor that customers should pay attention to as choosing to buy adhesive tape. For custom printed tape, the popular tape thickness is 40 microns, 43 microns, 45 microns, and 50 microns. The thicker tape is, the more flexible tape is.


Custom printed tape for business


When choosing custom printed tape, we will order in a small quantity. Although small in amount manufacturing, Wonderland always provides customers with the best quality adhesive tape with high adhesive. The low-key adhesive of tape will affect the shipping process if the adhesive tape has no durability.

A prestigious and quality manufacturer

Choosing the place of buying the custom printed tape is crucial. If you select an unreliable supplier, they will trick you on the kilograms, yards, and the quality of the printed color, which will be lower quality than other places.

The supplier of custom printed tape as required

Wonderland specializes in providing custom printed tape, which supplies the most quality adhesive tape and competitive prices on the market. Besides, we are not only meet customers’ needs but also have the best warranty policies for new customers and discounts, after-sales policies for old customers.


The supplier of custom printed tape as required


Wonderland is a reliable manufacturer in ordering custom printed tape in a request. We meet your needs at our best. Coming to Wonderland, you will find high-quality products at affordable prices. On top of that, we serve customer services as buying

– Door-to-door shipping services

– Available samples for consideration

– Best wholesale prices

– Free logo design offered (for logo printed tape orders)

– Product warranty during use

– Good after-sale services

– L/C or T/T payment terms are accepted

If you are really in need of using paper tape products, please contact us via the information below:

Ms Julie Nguyen

Mobile: +84 91 445 54 10 (WhatsApp)





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